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Artists of Life

"God knows that we are artists of life.
One day he will give us a chisel for sculpture, the other day brushes and canvas.
Another day he will give us a pen to write..."
- Paulo Coelho.

I remembered these lines vividly on March 19, 2011 when I was truly blessed to meet a group of artists of life from all parts of the world.

I was among the (very lucky) invited guests to Paulo Coelho’s St. Joseph's Day party in Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve been reading Paulo’s books for many years and since late 2008 I became an enthusiastic follower of his soul-uplifting blog.

That night in Istanbul I had prayed, dined, danced, talked, laughed and sang with these unforgettable people –

Paulo is a true example of an artist of life whom God gave a pen to write. His exceptional literary gift from God enabled him to reach out to millions of readers from all walks of life. He has inspired everyone to -

"Follow your dreams. Transform your life."

Serdar, a Turkish artist of life. God also gave him a pen to write. I was jumping with joy when he gave me a signed copy of his first book "The Missing Rose." I’m reading it now and it’s another page-turner book … after the 1st chapter I could hardly wait to turn over the next page.

Ken and Yumi, Japanese artists of life from Tokyo. Ken was given by God a pen to write his songs, as well as draw colourful graphics arts for international publishers, including Paulo’s.

To Yumi, his sweet wife, God gave her a golden voice and keen enthusiasm to work with children suffering with allergies.

Christina, Paulo’s lovely wife is an artist of life whom God gave brushes and canvas to paint her beautiful works of art. She is known worldwide for her unique technique that allows Mother Nature’s elements to touch her canvas and leave indelible prints on her very impressive paintings.

Antonio, a Brazilian artist of life from Sao Paulo. God gave him a "chisel" to do his carbon steel sculptures. He brought one of his artworks that night and it was very original indeed.

And, the last group of those bubbly artists of life who made me truly grateful for being there -

Breda and Kealan from Ireland, Debbie, Jane and Elaine from the U.S.A., Derya from Turkey, Lea & daughter Angela - the artist who did Paulo’s portrait on his blog, Denise from Geneva, Suphi and Juliana - Paulo’s webmaster and secretary, respectively.

Finally, to you dear God, thank you so much for giving me a brush and a canvas, too. You give us artists of life "the power and talent to show forth your splendour."

Let our works bring hope and joy to the world.

Also, Derek (Tony, my artistic husband) and I are truly grateful for the special grace to have met so many extraordinary artists of life.

Definitely, it will be a night to remember for me.

They will be -
“Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind.
Memories, sweetened through the ages just like wine,
Memories, memories, sweet memories…”

Paulo Coelho & Ken Crane

Christina Oiticia & Yumi Crane

Sedar Ozkan & Luzette Simpson

Luzette Simpson - March 27, 2011