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Good Friday Motivational Message

Today we reflect on Jesus' Passion and Death, as well as HIS powerful love for all of us.
HIS was the greatest love of all.

HIS messages spark wisdom, hope and light to raise us up through life's dark moments.
Indeed, HIS life (divine and human) remains to be the greatest story ever told.

"Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers,
but to be fearless in facing them.
Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain,
but for the heart to conquer it.
Let me not look for allies in life's battlefield,
but to my own strength.
Let me not crave in anxious fear to be saved,
but hope for the patience to win my freedom.
Grant that I may not be a coward,
feeling Your mercy in my success alone;
But let me find the grasp of Your hand in my failure."

by Rabindranath Tagore

Prayer extract from Paulo Coelho's Blog

the hands


St. Teresa of Avila's The Way of Perfection (26:2-6)

"If you are experiencing trials or are sad, behold Him on the way to the garden: what great affliction He bore in His soul; for having become suffering itself.

Or behold Him bound to the column, filled with pain, with all his flesh torn in pieces for the great love he bears you; so much suffering, persecuted by some, spit on by others, denied by his friends, abandoned by them, with no one to defend Him, frozen from the cold, left so alone that you can console each other.

Or behold him burdened with the cross, for they didn’t even let him take a breath. He will look at you with those eyes so beautiful and compassionate, filled with tears; he will forget his sorrows so as to console you in your, merely because you yourselves go to him to be consoled, and you turn your head to look at him.

If it's true, Lord, that you want to endure everything for me, what is this that I suffer for you?

Of what am I complaining? I am already ashamed, since I have seen you in such a condition. I desire to suffer, Lord, all the trials that come to me and esteem them as a great good enabling me to imitate you in something. Let us walk together, Lord. Where you go, I will go; whatever you suffer, I will suffer."

Goldach Sunset

Finally, let's sit back, relax and enjoy this very beautiful song -
Better Than I - from the movie Joseph: King of Dreams.


I thought I did what's right
I thought I had the answers
I thought I chose the surest road
But that road brought me here

So I put up a fight
And told you how to help me
Now just when I have given up
The truth is coming clear

You know better than I
You know the way
I've let go the need to know why
For you know better than I

If this has been a test
I cannot see the reason
But maybe knowing I don't know
Is part of getting through

I try to do what's best
And faith has made it easy
To see the best thing I can do
Is put my trust in you

For You know better than I
You know the way
I've let go the need to know why
For you know better than I

I saw one cloud and thought it was a sky
I saw a bird and thought that I could follow
But it was you who taught that bird to fly
If I let you reach me will you teach me

For You know better than I
You know the way
I've let go the need to know why
I'll take what answers you supply
You know better than I

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Luzette Simpson - April 22, 2011