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Book Review:
The Missing Rose by Serdar Özkan

I've finished reading the book and I loved it. Indeed, it was a page-turner book … after the 1st Chapter, I could not wait to turn over the next page.

His simple yet very descriptive manner of conveying the story and the inspiring "points to ponder" reminded me of The Little Prince and Paulo Coelho's books.

The difference between the East and West cultures, the consequences of saying Yes and No to our dreams...

The meeting and living with the Others (Diana, Artemis, Venus) and the Non-Others (Maria, Miriam and the Yellow Flower) of this world are profoundly expressed.

The unexpected ending caught me by surprise.

Yes, like Diana, I hope to find my missing rose - one day soon, and be responsible for it.

I will highly recommend this book to you, my friends and family.
I can not wait to get a copy of his second novel.

The missing rose by Serdar Ozkan

You can visit Serdar Ozkan's website to learn more of his next book - When Life Lights Up.

My Book Rating:
My book rating 5 stars


The Missing Rose - What’s It All About:
This is the story of Diana, a young, lovely and rich woman who embarked a journey looking for her extraordinary twin sister, Maria, whose existence she only knew after her mother’s death.

To comply with her mother’s last wish, Diana left her comfort zone and searched for Maria.

In Istanbul, Diana met a very special woman who taught her - to believe in herself; "it's not miracles which make the impossible happen, it’s perseverance" and, most importantly, she learned how to hear the roses, just like Maria.

Her search for her twin sister brought unexpected turns in her life which made her discovered her true self. A new Diana has emerged; one who has finally listened to her heart and followed her own dreams and not of Others’.

It was indeed a journey that begins and ends with her.


Points to Ponder (Excerpts from the book):

 There was once a wave in the ocean, rolling along, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the swiftness of the breeze.

It smiled at everything around it as it made its way toward the shore.
But then, it suddenly noticed that the waves in front of it, one by one, were striking against the cliff face, being savagely broken to pieces.

'Oh God!' it cried. 'My end will be just like theirs. Soon I, too, will crash and disappear!'

Just then another wave passing by saw the first wave’s panic and asked:
'Why are you so anxious? Look how beautiful the weather is, see the sun,
feel the breeze…'

The first wave replied:
'Don’t you see? See how violently those waves before us strike against the cliff, look at the terrible way they disappear. We’ll soon become nothing just like them.'
'Oh, but you don’t understand,' the second wave said. 'You’re not a wave.
You’re a part of the ocean.'


 Imagine a mountain… From the top of this mountain, the view is wonderful.
You want to be there, but the summit seems so far away that you lose hope of
reaching it. You give up, saying, 'I'll never get there.'

"The truth is, the footsteps of the ones who reached the top were no bigger than yours. But they'd just gone on putting those small footsteps one after the other.

It's not miracles which make the impossible happen, it's perseverance. This is how
water wears away rocks; this is how the people of the 21st century hear roses sing."


 Only those who were interested in our scent could really love us.
Because it is its scent which makes a rose a rose.


 "One day, my darling," Zeynep Hanim whispered in her ear, "you, too,
will hear the roses. When this happens, don’t think of it as a miracle; that’d make
you forget that every moment of life is a miracle. Always, remember, not only roses,
but everything speaks."


Finally, let’s sit back, relax and enjoy the song La Vie En Rose,
sung by Edith Piaf.

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Luzette Simpson - April 10, 2011